Keno Rules And Strategies

Keno is one of the oldest casino games in the world and still among the most popular. From the early days in China to the local lotteries to online casinos throughout the web, this game has certainly come a long way. Though quite vague to some, Keno is relatively simple when you know what to expect.

Getting Started

Whether it is online or in a land-based facility, each player receives a ticket known as a Keno board. This board contains eighty numbers. The object of the game is to predict as many of the twenty numbers presented in each round as possible. When playing online, the numbers are selected by the RNG (random number generator) in the casino software. You have the option to place a wager on any number you believe will come up, picking anywhere from one to ten numbers. If your numbers match the randomly selected numbers, then you “hit.” The more numbers you predict, the higher payout you receive. The actual payout, of course, all depends on how much you bet. In Keno, the most common bets are of $1, $3, and $5 denominations.

You begin the game by choosing the numbers you want on the Keno board. In most online casinos, you have the option to allow the software to select random numbers on your behalf.

You can also deselect numbers if decide to make another selection. Once you choose your numbers, you will notice the potential payout in the corner of the screen. After making your wager, you can then choose how many games you want to play. Most casinos let you play one, five, or ten games at a time and have features that provide detailed information on each game played.

Keno Strategy

Since the game of Keno has several potential number combinations, calculating these probabilities and the odds can be a very overwhelming challenge. How difficult is it? Well, there are far more than three quintillion possible combinations that could come up each round. Don’t let this get you down, because you don’t have to be a mathematical genius to win at keno. Here are few strategic tips to take with you:

Make a Good Bet – Even when your bankroll is dwindling, it still might be better to make a $5 wager as opposed to a $1 bet. Over the long run, payouts for these bets will turn out to be far more significant.

Pick the Right Spots – If you want to stick around when playing Keno, choosing the right number of spots on the board is very essential. This, of course, will take some getting used to, but over time you will learn to select the spots that enhance the possibility of some of your numbers being drawn.

Be Realistic – Keep in mind that Keno is a game of pure chance. Because the numbers are randomly generated, it is virtually impossible to predict the outcome of any given round. Sometimes things will work in your favor, sometimes they won’t. That’s the beauty of games like Keno because you never know what your luck might call for.