In 1895 this Villa took its form nestled into the side of a little leafy valley and surrounded by dwellings of similar ilk in Auckland, New Zealand.

Through the years the house remained un-altered until this progressive family took ownership. With an amazing architect at the helm all trades were directed in this complete rebuild inside and out, maintaining the original character of the home.

The owners were the drivers here also directing their requirements quite succinctly and of course this included KNX, through Future Proof Electrical Ltd. 

Technology in this age is important to us more and more and in this project it was embraced with enthusiasm. Through research it was concluded that the only solution for the home is KNX, to be connected in ways that had only been spoken about and seen over-seas was now a reality.

With careful consideration taken not only with the aesthetic of the home this included ease of control over function and this was delivered here.


Overview of the project:

How many devices on the site? 93

What applications implemented? 
Underfloor heating, Heated towel rails, Daylight harvesting, control of garage doors, HVAC integration, irrigation.

What systems are controlled? HVAC, Satel access control & security,

Is there any Visualisation and how is implemented? Gira HomeServer implemented onto the network with iPAD’s on each level of the home in-cased in a Basalte eve’ frame.

Interfaces & integration with other systems : solar inverter for powering all KNX devices, Satel Security & access control, Window actuator for bathroom

Any other system(s) on the site? Mitsibushi City Multi HVAC, thermostat control via KNX switches

The project was runners-up for the Best Residential KNX Project 2018

Futureproof electrical