Gym KNX Project – Sometimes commercial installations are fitted with the cheapest solution available at the time with little thought of how the user will interact or the serviceability of the system in the future. This was exactly the case here with the users having no idea how to use the system and the original integrator not interested in fixing their problems for them.

With a robust platform like KNX Aotea Electric were able to remove the existing control system and take over control and more importantly give control to the tenants. Utilising all of the existing wiring and infrastructure we were able to install KNX to solve the vast majority of their problems leaving the tenants very happy.

We were also able to interface with their newly installed AMX system to ensure that the lighting was just right for their broadcasting of gym sessions.

Summary of the project:

How many devices on the site? 10 ​
What applications implemented?  Lighting and AV integration.
What systems are controlled? DALI lighting and AMX integration.
Interfaces & integration with other systems: AMX, DALI ​

This Gym Control System Refit was runners-up in the  2018 Commercial Project Awards