Best Residential KNX Project 2018

The client of this contemporary addition to a traditional villa, wanted ease of use, beautiful switches and control of everything from a smartphone app. Pulse Electrics made the client’s Tesla X-class in the garage the front piece to the stunning integration of all the electrical services. They set up to monitor the energy usage of the car charger as well as the whole house, and convert that to CO2 used per day, month and year.

The Lunos E2 circulation fans maintain air quality in the bedrooms, whilst control of the radiant ceilings and underfloor heating keep the house warm on the coldest days. A rain sensor closes the velux windows as needed and the house looks lived in when there is no-one home.

The stunning main room has DALI control of Wastberg w151 pendants from Sweden for accurate dimming of subtle scenes in the evenings, whilst the rest of the house is controlled with Theben phase dimmers and Gira E2 switchgear.

At the end of the project the client says that, “we are delighted with the flexibility of KNX to make our house the smartest little house in Nelson”

Summary of the project:


What applications implemented?  DALI lighting, LED strip lighting, Velux windows, heatpump, radiant ceilings, Underfloor heating, sensor lighting, weather station

What systems are controlled? Cinema projector lift, Sonos integration, Lunos circulation fans

Is there any Visualisation and how is implemented? Gira X1 and S1 on iOs app for local and remote control

Interfaces & integration with other systems:  Energy metering of Tesla charger, Sonos audio


Pulse Electrical Won Best Residential KNX Project 2018

Best Residential KNX Project 2018

Pulse Electrics