The Perfect Light with KNX

The Perfect Light with KNX

Perfect Light with KNX

The project by Setpoint Solutions Limited incorporates 233 devices to control the lighting systems at the ARA Institute, Canterbury.

This educational facility has extensive windows and a skylit atrium, that provide large amounts of natural light to the floor areas. With the lighting fully automated, users in each space can manually adjust the brightness of the lights when required.

Interface with the BMS system via BACNet allows the BMS to use the occupancy information to reduce air conditioning in spaces that are unoccupied.

Summary of Project:

How many devices on the site? 233

What applications implemented? Daylight harvesting, Occupancy control, Manual overrides, BMS interface via BACNet, IP routing

Interfaces & integration with other systems: BMS via BACNet

This project was runners-up for the Best Commercial Project 2018